Yesterday I became a permanent resident of Canada (basically like a Canadian citizen without the rights to vote or be voted in the federal election and can be kicked out of the country if committed a crime) and today? Today we became homeowners. Yeah, I know. Crazy.

I’ll write a longer post once everything has sunk in. In the meantime, if anyone would like to offer me a job or have a lead to a job, preferably a telecommuting job in the new media industry, feel free to contact me.

10 thoughts on “OMGLOLWTFBBQ

  1. My wife and I are contemplating obtaining permenant resident status over the next two to three years. I’d like to ask you some questions down the road if you are willing? Best of luck to you, and congrats again.

  2. dude – congrats man!!!
    and if you get that fantastic telecommuting job in the new media industry remmeber you will need an assistant when (err IF) i get to canada!

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