On A Few of My Favourite Things

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It’s a bit too early to put together a yearly recap, but I can’t think of anything else to blog about so this will have to do it. Just think of it as a list of recommendations rather than a yearly recap.

Book: Wonder When You’ll Miss Me by Amanda Davis. This book is about revenge and leaving your dark past behind and starting anew (joining a circus!). It’s heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time. I borrowed this book from our local library but I wish I owned it so I could re-read it anytime I want. It’s that good.

Movie: Young at Heart, directed by Stephen Walker. This documentary proves that senior citizens, even the octogenarians, can rock-and-roll as hard as the rest of us. These senior citizens who belong to a chorus called Young at Heart will show you how to grow old gracefully with music.

Music: I can’t decide which band I like the most but Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, and Bowerbirds are the bands that I discovered this year and really enjoy. None of them is Canadian but I think I’ve written enough about Canadian artists as it is.

If you have any books, movies, or bands/artists you’d like to recommend, please post it in the comment and I’ll check it out. Boring post, huh? Hopefully I’ll be more interesting tomorrow, but probably not! Hehe.

7 thoughts on “On A Few of My Favourite Things

  1. After I’m done with my textbooks, I plan to read Night (Ellie Wiesel), a searing account of a man detained at a Nazi concentration camp.

  2. speaking of cheetos… I miss chiki snack balls bad (only rasa ayam)!
    …and I just found out today chiki is from fritolay??

  3. I have such a huge pile of books waiting for me to finish uni (well, not so much a pile as a huge bookcase full) and I can’t wait – all I’ve read recently is about ape “language”, abstract phonology and stats!
    But at least I can listen to music while I work, and I recommend Beth Rowley – she’s my current studying music! The album’s called Little Dreamer, and it’s a huge grower.

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