On Being Sentimental


This past Sunday we went for a walk downtown while waiting for the rolls of film we dropped off at the photo lab to get developed. I noticed that most restaurants are closed on Sundays. I also noticed that there are so many things to photograph in downtown Stratford, yet I keep stalling from doing just that because I’m worried that once I’ve photographed everything there is to photograph in this town, I would have the urge to move somewhere else, and we can’t have that. Still, I keep telling myself that one of these days, I’m going to go for a walk around the downtown area and take a bunch of pictures with the Holga. Why the Holga, you ask? No reasons. I just haven’t used it much lately. And I really should use it more often, especially now that I know the local photo lab does same-day developing of medium format colour film. Back in Waterloo, it would take 24 hours and would cost more too!

The longer I live in this town, the more I like it. I hardly miss Waterloo. Well, I do miss the Princess Cinemas, and the Asian restaurants on University, and the Waterloo Park (mostly for sentimental reasons; we got married there), and Conestoga Mall, but other than that, not really. We drove through Waterloo on our way to Elora on Saturday and noticed that not much had changed, which was kind of disappointing. For some reasons, I was expecting Waterloo to have transformed into a bustling metropolis while I wasn’t looking. I’m silly that way.

I was expecting something similar would happen to our cherry tree. The morning after we planted the tree, I had to check if the tree had grown a foot taller overnight. Of course it hadn’t. I almost wish we could skip winter so I could see the cherry blossoms. Almost. But winter is my favourite season. How could I skip it? Well, I would probably skip it for Troy if I could because I love him and stuff and he hates winter.
Geez Louise, blogging every day is tough. And it’s only Day 3 of NaBloPoMo! C’mon, people! Cheer me on! If you’re a lurker, please delurk! Tell me I can do it! Suggest some topics for me to blog about! Please pretty please with sugar on top?

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  1. Blog about:
    1. The differences in your life since you moved to Canada.
    2. A day in the life of a Firda
    3. Blog about something you would absolutely NEVER normally blog about – religion, politics, sex, violence, rock’n’roll, yeast infections…
    Okay, so I ran out of ideas there, but more will come! (I only just got up, I can’t be expected to think clearly!) x

  2. Some places are just more memorable than others, I guess.
    Yes, this blogging marathon is tiring, but it’s going to be worth all the effort. We can do it!
    You can blog about the first photograph you’ve ever taken. I’m curious how you started out.

  3. Hi! I’m a lurker!
    How about you talk about an obscure movie that you really like and would want others to go find it and watch it.
    Or about books you read growing up? I’m always looking for suggestions to add to my “To Read” list

  4. De-lurking here. I second the story of your first photograph and really enjoy the stories you tell of living in Indonesia.

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