On Being Sleepy

Motherly Love

The reason I’m so sleepy right now is because I woke up much too early this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep because I was so excited about the prospect of shoveling the driveway for the very first time. Yes, I actually thought it was exciting. As soon as Troy’s wake-up alarm went off, I got dressed, went out and started shoveling the snow. It wasn’t a bad snow. It was nice and fluffy and easy to shovel. Though when I saw a guy in a snowplower truck start plowing the next door neighbour’s driveway, I was kind of hoping that our driveway would be next and that it was a free service for new residents of this town or something to that effect, but alas, no such luck. Troy ended up doing most of the shoveling anyway because I’m slow as molasses. I need to master the art of snow-shoveling. I have at least 5 months to fine-tune my techniques. I was told that this winter is going to be a mild one. We’ll see what they mean by “mild” soon enough.

Oh, and when I said I’m so sleepy, I meant I’m so sleepy I don’t think I could write a longer post than this. Goodnight.

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