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After watching Troy play with his cousin’s little boy last night and our friends’ little boys today, I’m kind of hoping that if we ever had a kid, it would be a boy. I wouldn’t have anything to say to a girl because girls scare me and I really suck at being a girl.

When I was a kid, I used to wish I were a boy. I hung out with boys all the time. But then we got older and the boys thought they were too cool to hang out with me. Sadness. But at least I still had my older brother. He was my best buddy. I guess he still is, in a way. I do feel bad for very rarely making a phone call to him. It’s just that news from home tends to make me feel depressed. Not his fault, but still, I always fear I’d hear bad news.

Anyway, my dad must’ve hoped he’d have a girly girl when he had me. He always compared me with the girly girl daughters of his friends and told me that he wished I could be more like them, but alas, I couldn’t care less about make-up and fashion. Imagine his disappointment.

At least if I had to have a girl, I know for sure how NOT to treat her. She’d be free to be her own person and I would love her unconditionally. My mum already showed me how.

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  1. All I ever wanted when I was wee was an older brother. The plan was that he’d be a few years older than me and would look after me and everyone would think I was cool because of him. Also, if anyone bullied me, he would get them!
    Admittedly, I should probably have wished for a *younger* brother, but that wouldn’t have been so cool, so instead I just put all my hopes on a long-lost brother. He never did turn up.

  2. Sarah: I have both older and younger brothers but my older brother seems to like more than my younger brother does. Also, since my older brother didn’t mind sharing his friends with me, I never had to make my own friends until high school. It was an epic fail.
    Lance: There is never any doubt about it. 😉

  3. I hear you! I always wanted a baby boy(s). I get along fine with girls, but I can only be close to men. All my best friends are guys. We hung out 24/7. Until we got married. Husband and wives aren’t crazy about that… he he… but I still keep gay ones very close, though.

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