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Fall Drive

We made it to Sault Ste. Marie in one piece and in less than 10 hours! Boy, that was a long drive! My back is sore from sitting too long. Didn’t see any wildlife in the Ontario wilderness sadly. Just a lot of rundown, beaten up, and defeated businesses along Highway 69. Mostly restaurants and motels. Along Highway 17, some houses look barely standing but still lived in, some others have simply been abandoned. The signs along the highways kept me entertained. My favourite one was the one that said “Large Vehicles Need More Room”. I was tempted to write “Well, duh!” underneath it with a Sharpie, but I didn’t because I’m a good, law-abiding person. Ahem.

The landscape along the highways was quite rocky. The trees were bare, except for the evergreens, since it’s quite late into the season, but I find the bare, white birch trees quite attractive. Didn’t take any pictures, though. We’re planning on taking our time driving back on Friday so I can take pictures of whatever I find interesting along the way. Tomorrow Troy will be at work all day so I have all day to explore the city by myself. I don’t think I’ll be adventurous enough to explore the whole city but I’ll explore whatever is within a walking distance from our hotel, which is quite a lot, actually.

We had fish and chips dinner today at a restaurant down the street from where we’re staying. It was a very busy place. At some point, the waiters sang a happy birthday to a young customer while bringing him a piece of cake and everyone clapped their hands. Later, a bunch of Finnish girls (as in girls from Finland) sang a happy birthday to the same person, but in Finnish language. Everyone clapped again. It was really cute! Who knew you could find so many Finnish girls in Sault Ste. Marie of all places!

Well, I’ve got to give the laptop back to Troy because he needs to update his blog, too. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you all about my Sault Ste. Marie exploration. See you then!

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  1. Beautiful picture you have right there.
    It’s weird how some places just seem. . .deserted, as if people suddenly decided, “We won’t live here anymore.”
    But do enjoy that trip! I’m sure there’ll be more surprises to come!

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