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I don’t like going to parties. Every time I go to one, I always wish I could fast forward time. I’m the happiest when I’m on my way home from a party because it means one party down for me. Yay! But ooh, what do we have here. Two parties to go to within a week! Oh joy!

I’m not a very social person. I always don’t know what to say to people in social situations. I know I should probably ask people questions just to be conversational, but I really don’t know where the line between being conversational and being nosy lies and I really don’t want to be nosy.

I used to bring a camera to parties just so that I would have something to fiddle with to kill the time, but now I think I’m getting good at killing time just by watching people doing things people usually do at parties. The drunks are especially entertaining. They used to scare me but now they amuse me more than anything.

My least favourite party food is cold meat and bread. I come from a country where the meat is always warm if not hot and served with warm rice. Cold meat with bread was a foreign and strange concept to me and I still haven’t quite embraced or appreciated it even after all these years. Unfortunately, Canadians love their cold meat and bread and serve it any time they have a chance.

Oh well. At least it’s only two parties. Could’ve been worse. Could’ve been THREE parties. Well, it is actually three parties within a week but I’m not counting the art show closing event on Tuesday because I’m kind of excited about it. Well, to be completely honest, I’m more excited about the prospect of spending a day in Toronto more than the party itself (think photo ops) but I digress.

The only kind of party I kind of enjoy is the party in which we are the hosts because there are always plenty of things for me to do other than making conversations. I just leave the conversational part to Troy. He’s kind of good at it.

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  1. O I love parties! Used to host dinner parties 3-4 nights in a week at my apartment… My parties more like close friends get together eating the experimental food I cook. Pretend it’s Indonesian cuisine.. ha! They wouldn’t know.
    But, yeah, I also don’t enjoy parties where I don’t know everybody.

  2. I like having parties with people I actually know well enough to comfortable around. But parties involving mostly a bunch of stranger brings out the social awkwardness in me, so I can related to how you feel.

  3. I hate parties too. Fortunately my husband and I are both wickedly anti-social, so we show up, eat a bit and then leave.
    Sometimes I’ll have a panic attack upon arriving at a party and I’ll go for a long walk.

  4. I’m hesitant to go to parties where I don’t know most of the people. And I know that during those, uhm, uncomfortable times, a camera at hand (or anything to tinker with, for the meantime) would be handy. Takes your mind off things. Parties are supposed to relax, but they can be stressful.

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