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If I have time to write tonight, I’ll write about what Troy and I got at Troy’s mother’s side of the family annual gift exchange. If not, well, just enjoy the photo above which seems appropriate for those who love summer and hate winter (definitely not me). Have a good weekend!

[Many hours later…]

Well, Troy got a gum ball machine and I got a birdhouse! I’ve always wanted a birdhouse. Fun stuff. Now back to watching TV with Troy and the in-laws, who are spending the night at our place. Until tomorrow!

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  1. that is sure fun! I stopped exchanging gifts with my in-laws since they kept on sending us checks… first, they asked what we wanted, we told them… and they sent checks anyway.

  2. I love the pictures and the blog. I was wondering if you’ll do a tour of your new home. I know you mentioned you would do that once you moved in and got settled. I am curious to see how you decorated. My husband and I just bought a home, so I am interested in seeing how others decorate their homes.

  3. tia: It’s just a random gift exchange thingy. If you’re lucky, you’ll get something you actually like. If not, well, no biggie. You have no expectations anyway. Heh. My in-laws are pretty good when it comes to gift-giving. They only give cash/gift certificates for birthdays. For Christmas, they’ll get us stuff from our wishlist. They’ll start bugging us to give them our wishlists months before Christmas!
    Lance: CG Textures is my favourite site for textures.
    joy: No house tour yet because we haven’t finished decorating the house! It’s still pretty much a work in progress. Good luck decorating yours!

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