On Textures and Boring Photos

Where The Fields Are Green

It’s 18 minutes to midnight and I still don’t know what to blog about. Ha! Oh, only 9 more days to go before the NaBloPoMo is over and then my beloved readers won’t have to read my crap on a daily basis anymore. Just bear with me!

So. Um. I’ve been experimenting with post processing boring photos by adding texture layers in Photoshop. I’m kind of pleased with the results. It makes the boring photos a little less boring. I don’t really follow any tutorials. I just do what I think would work. Though I must admit that some of the pictures are kind of texture overkill. Maybe I should stick to subtle textures. Anyway, this thing is so addictive that I just can’t stop! But I’m sure I’ll get tired of it soon. If you’re also following my Flickr photostream, this is just another thing that you have to bear with me.

In case you’re not following my Flickr photostream, check out this set to see what I’m talking. My favourite of the bunch is this photo. I took it in a place in Vancouver Island called Tofino last year during our two-week trip out West. It’s such a beautiful place. I wish we had stayed there longer but we only got to spend two nights and even then the weather was crappy most of the time. Maybe we’ll go back there again next year. You’ll never know! This time last year, I didn’t know that we’d end up buying a house the next year. Life is always full of surprises!

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  1. I do realise that I use “kind of” a lot but I kind of type it without thinking and when I re-read the post, I always see so many kind ofs but I’m always too lazy to edit my posts. Kind of.

  2. Ha, I say “sort of” instead of “kind of”, and I also overuse “So,” at the start of sentences (even in essays) way too much!
    But that’s not why I’m here – I’m here to ask where you’re getting your textures from? I have a couple sitting waiting for me to finish uni so I have time to play with them, but more would be good!

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