On The Day Spent in Toronto

The Knitting Statue

We spent yesterday in Toronto. First, we went to visit our friends who recently had a baby. The baby had a big poop while I was holding him in my arms. It was kind of stinky. It’s been ages since I had to smell baby poo. Thank god for diapers that don’t leak.

At lunchtime, we went to this middle eastern fast food restaurant where both we and the restaurant got our orders confused and Troy ended up having to eat stuff he didn’t necessarily like which he finished anyway and I had to eat a big meal which I felt bad for not finishing.

After lunch, the three of us (Troy, the baby’s dad, and I) went to the newly renovated Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). I thought 3 hours would be enough time to see everything in the gallery but I was wrong. We would’ve needed at least another hour, but unfortunately, we had to leave because we had to meet a friend at a Chinese restaurant for dinner.

I still wasn’t super hungry after the big lunch episode but I wished I had been. We ordered a lot of yummy stuff and I really wanted to eat more but my tummy was so full so I just ended up watching the rest of the group eat all the dumplings and pancakes.

Our next destination was the gallery where the group art show I was part of was held. It was the closing night. We came half an hour early so we offered to help prepare things for the event before trying to finish a quiz in order to enter a contest with a $500 prize. Seven of our friends (including the baby) came to the closing event and one of them won the $500! Lucky her.

Around 9pm we went back to our friends’ apartment to hang out more with them and the baby and have some hot chocolate before we headed back home. We had to drive through the rain and snow to get home but the roads were surprisingly still in good condition. We got home after midnight and went to bed and slept in.

I’ve been feeling blah all day today. I experimented with some photography techniques to distract my mind from thinking about things that would make me cry and the photo above was one of the results. Cheesy or cool? You be the judge.

3 thoughts on “On The Day Spent in Toronto

  1. I like the pic… for me it’s not ‘cool’, it’s beautiful. somehow romantic… ah, whatever, what do I know LOL
    I just like it.

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