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Is the American Thanksgiving today or tomorrow? Well, either way, happy Thanksgiving. Have a nice turkey dinner while up here we mourn the lack of new TV shows. No new Life On Mars! No new Grey’s Anatomy! Oh noes! Needless to say, it’s a pretty boring Thursday night. But at least we got some Christmas shopping done.

Someone from a record company contacted me today about sending me mp3 of one of their artists named Holly Throsby. She’s in Hayden‘s latest album, In Field and Town, singing the song “Weight of The World” with him. I thought she had a lovely voice. Anyway, they sent me the mp3 of a song by Holly Throsby called “Would You”, which is a duet with Bonnie Prince Billy. That particular song didn’t really do it for me but some of her other songs did. Go check out “The Time It Takes”, “To Begin With”, and “Now I Love Someone” on Holly’s myspace for some poppy music goodness. Beautiful voice, lovely lyrics, sweet music, what else do you need? Definitely a good find.

Earlier this evening I checked my referrer stats and saw that I got a bunch of hits from Smashing Magazine. Turns out they just posted an article about “back to top” links and for some reasons, a screenshot of my “back to top” link was used as an example. Good to know someone thinks I did something right with this site. 🙂 Thanks, Smashing Magazine! (I guess.) And to all the new visitors, feel free to look around and say hi!

We have another Christmas party to go to tomorrow night. Yay fun. It’s a corporate Christmas party this time. We already “crashed” a corporate Christmas party earlier this month. The company flew Penn & Teller all the way from Las Vegas to Kitchener to perform in front of their employees and those willing to pay to see them (like us). The comedy magic show at the party tomorrow is going to look really pale in comparison to Penn & Teller. At least this time we’ll get to eat the food. I’m almost 100% sure there will be turkey. I love turkey. Both alive and roasted.

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  1. Just loving, loving, loving that image. If I had any money I would totally want a print of that. There’s just something so… happy but ethereal about it.

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