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There are two things that have been keeping me excited today. The first one is the U.S. election (of course). The second one is our trip up north, and it’s not just up north of Toronto a.k.a. the cottage country. It’s way up north, as in Sault Ste. Marie a.k.a. the Soo by the Lake Superior. And we’re driving up there tomorrow!

Troy will be there for work. I’m tagging along just because I’ve never been there and I love going to new places because when some place is in the news, I like being able to say, “Hey, I’ve been there!”. If I didn’t tag along, Troy would be able to take a shorter route through the States. But since I’m tagging along and I’m not a U.S. visa holder, we’re taking the long way up through the Ontario wilderness. It will be a 10+ hour drive for us to get to the Soo (as opposed to the 7+ hour drive through the States to get to the same place)! Fun! Of course I’m also tagging along for the photo ops. New places always have photo ops written all over them.

Once I’ve seen Lake Superior, I will have seen four out of the five Great Lakes of North America. The only one left would be Lake Michigan and only because Lake Michigan is not part of Canada. And did I mention that I’ve been to 8 out of 10 Canadian provinces? I’ve seen so much of Canada in 4 years than I’d seen of Indonesia in 30 years! Kind of sad, huh? For the records, I’ve only been to 8 out of 33 Indonesian provinces. I’ll have to fix that someday.

The U.S. election news keeps distracting me from writing this post. If I had the right to vote in the U.S. election, I’d vote for Obama, if only because some people keep calling him things that he isn’t just because he spent part of his childhood in Indonesia. Well, of course there are other reasons but I won’t go into that because I really have to start packing, pick the cameras to bring and other things one needs to do when they’re about to take a long trip. The next update will be delivered straight from Sault Ste. Marie, assuming that their Internet connection works. See you tomorrow!

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  1. My professor said, “Traveling to new places is equivalent to four years of college education.”
    Have a safe and fun trip! And I can’t wait to see those photos!

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