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Operation Blog Revival 2011

First Day of 2011

While willing myself to sleep last night, I came up with a 6-Step Program to Revive A Blog In Limbo(tm) or you can call it Operation Blog Revival 2011 if you will. It’s intended for slacking bloggers such as myself who wish they could blog every day like the cool kids do (or like they used to do) but find going from barely one post in two months to 7 posts a week just a wee bit drastic and a little hard to do. I figured doing it in 6 steps in a span of a year would be more habit-forming and would result in less chance of relapsing into blog slacktivity.
So without further ado, here’s the proposed 6-step program:

Step 1: In January, start blogging once a week.
Step 2: In March, start blogging twice a week.
Step 3: In May, start blogging three times a week.
Step 4: In July, start blogging four times a week.
Step 5: In September, start blogging five times a week.
Step 6: In November, start blogging six times a week. Unless you join the NaBloPoMo, in which case, you may want to take it a step further and start blogging every day of the week.

When January 2012 comes, in theory, you’ll find blogging every day a piece of cake. I said “in theory” because, well, I only came up with it last night! There is no proof or guarantee that it’s going to work but it doesn’t mean that it’s not worth trying.

What constitutes a blog post, you ask? Anything is fair game! A story, photos/videos, or even a link. Though if it’s a link, you may want to elaborate a little about the what and why. Nobody wants to click on a link blindly. Not in this era of web trojans and viruses (virii?) anyway.

Nobody is going to enforce the number of post a week rule but yourself. If you feel comfortable updating your blog once a week then by all means, keep at it! Only follow the whole 6 steps if your goal is to blog every day, which is what I’m trying to do.

So, who’s with me? I’ve started a Facebook page in case anyone would like to join so we can remind each other to post, share ideas for a blog post and other fun stuff. Happy blogging and happy new year!

3 thoughts on “Operation Blog Revival 2011

  1. You know, that's not a bad idea at all! Will love to see how that works out and I might even apply some of it since I'm in the middle of reviving my love of blogging… I'm sure it's in me somewhere still! :)

  2. Well… that's a good idea if you've got no life. Otherwise, they're tons of other great ways to spend your limited time on Earth.

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