Our House

Here’s a list of the features in our newly acquired house as compared to this list I made of my ideal house:

  • older than your grandparents, if your grandparents were born less than 84 years ago;
  • detached (yes!);
  • not too spacious rooms, but that only means less space to clean (compromise);
  • 3 bedrooms (yes!);
  • good-sized, fenced backyard sans the mature trees;
  • smells nice (yes!);
  • main floor is carpet-free;
  • medium-sized galley kitchen;
  • a bathroom on the same level with the master bedroom (yes!);
  • a partly finished basement;
  • relatively good privacy;
  • both porch and deck for my plants (yes!);
  • oil heating (compromise);
  • newer electrical wiring (yes!);
  • private driveway (yes!);
  • seemingly nice neighbourhood.

We could’ve bought a bigger house with a beautiful view but the amount of work required to make the house up to code was daunting and would cost us and arm and a leg so we had to make a couple of compromises and get the best house we could get without going over-budget. I think we bought the house at just the right time because now I don’t think we could buy a house as nice as what we just bought with the budget we had and all it needed was the roof repair that we are already doing with help we found at http://www.palmbeachroofingexpert.com/blog/. Suddenly they all cost $20,000 more! So yeah, we’re quite happy with our acquisition.

Now that we’ve bought a smallish house, I’ve become quite addicted to the Apartment Therapy weblog because it offers a lot of ideas for decorating your small space and space-saving tips. I’ve also picked up a lot of books on home decorating from our favourite bargain book stores and book sales. I really can’t wait to start buying furniture and decorate the house! But sadly, I have to wait for a little less than 3 months for that. πŸ™ Oh well. Time will fly, I’m sure.

Oh, and if anyone wants to give us a housewarming gift, anything from my ever-growing wishlist would be much appreciated. πŸ˜‰

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  1. I must say, I love the Apt Therapy blog! It’s so awesome! Another good blog/site is unclutterer.com. It’s along the same vein and has some awesome ideas! πŸ™‚

  2. Congrats on the house purchase πŸ™‚ I prefer apartments myself, even if they are smaller… the body corporate has pay someone else to do all the hard work, mow lawns, take bins out… all the stuff I’m too lazy to do πŸ™‚

  3. Cannot wait to see your new place Firda! The pics look beautiful. You guys will make it such a lovely comfortable home. And I love Stratford – the festival so close the parks and swans… as I say, can’t wait to visit! Congrats again!

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