Our Wedding Reception

So, our wedding reception has come and gone (click the picture above for a Flickr photoset, or watch the slideshow). It was a lot of fun. I felt like I was actually making friends. Sure I’ve met a lot of the guests before, but I didn’t really get to have a chat with them until the reception. In case any of them is reading this, it was really nice chatting with you! I don’t get to have a lengthy discussion about Asian food or just crazy food in general very often. I also had fun going on a ‘field trip’ with a few of our guests to some of the Wilsonville landmarks (cemetery and duck pond) and watching our esteemed guests feeding the fish in the pond some grass. It was very… zen.

We got some really lovely presents and monetary gifts from our guests. The latter will definitely be going into our honeymoon fund. We are going to be driving out East for our two-week honeymoon this Saturday morning, making a stop along the way somewhere in Quebec. We haven’t decided where exactly. Probably Quebec City. Hopefully we’ll be able to find some place to stay, with this weekend being a long weekend and all.

We’re thinking of taking a ferry from Saint John, New Brunswick to Digby, Nova Scotia, spend the rest of the week exploring the province, and then spend the week after in Prince Edward Island. At least that’s the plan. God knows we’re not very good at sticking to a plan.

As you can probably tell, I’m very excited about the trip. I’ve never been outside of Ontario before, except for our one-hour escapade (ha!) in Spring to a part of Quebec around the border called Temiscaming where we had some original recipe poutine, and my half an hour stopover in Vancouver, British Columbia on my way to Toronto. If you’ve been to the Atlantic-Canada — especially Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island — before and you have any places you’d like to recommend, please let me know in a comment.

Ohmigod, I just saw a trailer for this new show called Tommy Lee Goes to College. I hope it’s going to be a show that is so bad it’s good because we desperately need something to watch on TV this summer.

Well, the bed is beckoning. But before I finished writing this rambling entry, I have one request for you. Would you please tell Troy that the colour of Mountain Dew (the liquid, not the can) is yellow and not green? I’d appreciate that.

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  1. Well, in Nova Scotia Lunenberg is quite nice and the usual tourist places like Peggys Cove and, of couse, Halifax.
    I have been to PEI several times and always enjoy going to the New Glasgow Lobster Suppers (http://www.peilobstersuppers.com/). Summerside is very pleasant as is Cavandish Beach and Brackly Beach. You have all of the usual Anne of Green Gables stuff but it’s all fun in a tacky/quaint way. The Anne of Green Gables musical in Charlottetownis fun. And don’t forget to have Cows Ice Cream (Charlottetown and Cavendish Beach).
    Enjoy yourselves and I hope you have nice weather!

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