Out of Space

If anyone tried to post a comment or email me in the last 12 hours or so and failed, that was because I ran out of space on my hosting account. See, I shared a 200MB hosting account with the boy. He got 125MB and I got 75MB (surprisingly, he has all that much more online crap than me). But what’s really eating out the space is the web stats programs installed by the host. We never even check those. Why we have to account for the amount of space all those programs are taking up is beyond me. It might be the common practice among web hosting companies for all I know. And no, you can’t just delete those programs. If you delete the web stats program files, they will automagically pop back in a couple of days! So annoying.

Deleting stuff out of that folder does free up a fair amount of space so that’s what we’ve been doing from time to time for as long as I can remember. It sucks, but it’s also the only sucky thing about our hosting account. Other than that, we don’t really have anything to complain. Maybe we just have to give up our battle against the silly stats programs and upgrade. In the mean time, commenting and emailing can commence. I’ve freed up some 15MB of space from the damn stats folder.

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  1. Is it the log files themselves taking up the space? Or the static HTML generated (I use awstats and it generates static files)? I suppose if you don’t use either one, you could set a nightly cron to delete everything in that directory, assuming your webhost allows it. If your webhost is forcing you to run something you don’t want/need, whatever files it generates shouldn’t be counted when tabulating the amount of space you’ve used up. I’d complain and have the software disabled for your account or request a cron set up for you.
    My webhost only keeps a week’s worth of Apache log files. The error log is another story… but then again, I’m beta testing the server right now.

  2. Just looking around … thot that your site is really cool … you’ve been around since 2000 ? Awesome man … I just started blogging late last year and got addicted already … au revior

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