№ 2 – Peyto Lake, Alberta, Canada

Peyto Lake a.k.a. Bear Lake in Banff National Park.
Peyto Lake a.k.a. Bear Lake in Banff National Park.

So I exaggerated a bit there. It’s just that I was tired and I’ve never been a strong hiker to start with. The information board said it was an easy walk to the lookout so I thought I’d do it. Except it wasn’t really an easy walk. It was a bit of a climb. I wasn’t prepared for it so I was grumpy and I felt like dying halfway through the walk. The people coming from the other way, seeing how close I was to dying, cheered me on and told me that the view was worth the climb. I guess it was enough to keep me going. I made it to the lookout and live to tell you the story and show you one of the pictures I took.

We will be back in the proximity of the lake in a little over a month. Kind of tempted to go back there just to see if I’ve become a less whiny hiker now than I was then, seven years ago. Somehow I doubt it.


    1. Haha! It is as real as it gets! Many lakes and rivers in the Canadian Rockies take that colour because of all the mineral content coming from the glaciers that feed them.

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