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I’m kind of hoping to get a scanner with medium format film scanning capability for my birthday, which is only a month and a week away *hint, hint*. If I did get the scanner, I’d be able to do my own black and white film processing myself, which should save us some money. I’d also be able to shoot more with our various vintage cameras.

With that in mind, I’ve been doing some research on darkroom and photographic chemicals. I’ve found The Guerilla Darkroom, Become Your Own Lab For $49.38, and Coffee, Tea, Or Vitamin C: Kitchen Chemistry In The Darkroom to be potentially useful.

I’d be more likely to use a changing bag than a full-fledged darkroom, though. Either that or I’ll just have to handle the film before bed when it’s all dark. Troy already picked up a developing tank from a thrift store for me. It only cost him $4.99. When we went to a photography supply store this past weekend, we found that the actual price for the tank was $34.99. Jackpot! :)

Well, enough photogeekery for today. I’ll try to find some less boring topic to talk about in my next entry. Well, unless you find photogeekery stuff just as fascinating as I do, then I might just have to talk even more about it. No? Okay. I understand.

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  1. Cool articles, especially that last one. Unfortunately my favorite medium is color transparency, and E6 developing kits are impossible to find in Iowa and nobody will ship them. Not to mention they’re more expensive, so at the end of the day it’s easier to just let the lab do it.

  2. Use a changing bag. They’re more reliable than waiting until it’s dark out. Also, you can load your film in broad daylight.
    I always liked developing and printing on my own, but I never had enough room for a proper darkroom. I had to work on my knees when developing. It wasn’t worth it. I finally sold the enlarger. Now I’ll stick to digital.

  3. Hmm, it looks like Freestyle has changed their shipping policy–either that or I’ve been mistake this whole time, which is entirely possible. Thanks for the heads-up!

  4. B&H doesn’t really state how much they’d charge for shipping internationally and it kind of scares me. At least Freestyle does and I think they charge pretty reasonably.

  5. Came across this post via a screenshot in the Rough Guide to Blogging! It’s much easier to read onscreen *giggle* but it still grabbed my attention and brought me here. I hope to read more as time allows. Hope to get more work done on my own blog if time ever allows as well.

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