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Got this picture today from the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland showing one of my work in their ‘We are all photographers now!’ exhibit. You too can be part of the exhibit. All you have to do is submit your work using this form.

Speaking of photo exhibits, I submitted a picture to the JPG Magazine some time ago. Clicking the JPG Magazine vote box in the sidebar will bring you to my submission. The theme I submitted it to is Breakthrough. If enough people voted for it, not only will it be published in JPG Issue 10, it will also be hung in the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery. So if you liked the picture, your vote would be very much appreciated. Please pretty please with sugar on top? 😉

Speaking of magazines, I already mentioned before that another one of my work will be published in another magazine. The magazine is called Photosho. It exhibits the photography of Canadian photographers. I’m not Canadian, but they let me join in the fun anyway, just by living and taking pictures here. 🙂 Anyway, the independent magazine needs your support to make it to the next issue, so if you have any interest in photography at all, please buy a copy!

And speaking of publications, a couple of weeks back I found through the Indonesia Tech blog that Weblog Wannabe was mentioned in a blogging book called The Rough Guide to Blogging: Navigate the Blogosphere by Jonathan Yang (London: Rough Guides Ltd, October 2006). Troy and I then went to a book store to check the book out and saw that it was mentioned in a section on personal blogs/online journals, complete with a screenshot. Sweet! And no, we didn’t buy the book. Maybe later, when (if?) it shows up in a thrift store or a bargain book store. Mind you, we almost exclusively buy books used. We’re cheap that way. Heh.

Meanwhile, it’s still frickin’ snowing in Waterloo.

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  1. I’m a photographer who is obsessed with taking pictures that foretell ancient life and stories. I want to take pictures of sculptures of prehistoric era. But my favorite is to take pictures of jewelry known to be used by royal families long time ago. Most of the time, we can see all of these objects in museums. I wanted to submit one picture with this theme but it’s forbidden to take pictures of museum items from my end here.

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