Lovely Saturday

It's too cold for diving and swimming anyway.

This past Saturday we decided against going on a thrifting round, which is what we usually do on a Saturday. When my husband asked what I felt like doing that day, I said, “Going to Goderich and get two dozen butter tarts!” and to which he said, “That’s what I’m thinking, too!” We are so…… Continue reading Lovely Saturday

Picture This

Sit still for Aunt Firda, please pretty please, with cherry on top?

A brand new niece came into the world almost a month ago, and as always, Aunt Firda, the long-suffering family photographer, was summoned to capture the craziness for posterity. You know what kids can’t do? Sit still. You know what poor Aunt Firda doesn’t have? A super fast lens. Like, f/0.7 fast. If photography is…… Continue reading Picture This

Dental Woes

I’ve probably used the picture above in another post in the past but thought I’d post it again because it just won me a new camera bag through a photo contest held by Book Depository! There were 2260 entries when the contest ended. Who knew I’d be one of the 10 winners. I only entered…… Continue reading Dental Woes

My First Book Cover

No, this is not going to be a self-congratulatory post about how a photo of mine got selected to be included in a book by an awesome group of photographers and writers called Utata that I’ve been a member of for years, nor is this about how somehow it ended up being on the cover…… Continue reading My First Book Cover

My Breakfast

I’m currently obsessed with replicating the look of film photography on digital shots. I did a study of my breakfast this morning with that particular post-processing idea in mind. I think it looks pretty good, if I say so myself. This shall be an ongoing project, i.e., shooting my breakfast. If I were a breakfast…… Continue reading My Breakfast


Been more than a little bit obsessed with househunting lately. Hence the lack of post. I didn’t even bother to make a birthday post. I turned a year older on Monday. And yes, I had a good birthday. I started a Flickr group called We Say NO to Photos and Videos on Flickr today. Join…… Continue reading Prickly

Dome and Light

We went to Winnipeg, Manitoba in February. People we know couldn’t understand why I’d want to go to Winterpeg — as they like to call it here — in the middle of winter. My one and only reason was, I’d never been there. I always think it’s a good enough reason to visit a place.…… Continue reading Dome and Light