WTCD 2006 Prize Winners

A gallery of prize-winning photos from World Toy Camera Day 2006 includes one taken by yours truly. Woot! That made my day.

Utata Speaks

Utata Speaks is yet another awesome project by Utata that I’m proud to be a part of. It’s a collection of photo essays by Utata members. My contribution is called A Study in Daisies. It’s a personal essay with pictures of — you guessed it — daisies. Check it out!

My Ground Glass Photography

I forgot to post about my experiment with Ground Glass Photography. I shot these ground glass photos last week. Instead of using a Kodak Duaflex, which I do own, I used an Argus Super Seventy-five. It was a lot of fun. I think I’m going to do it again this weekend.

Peephole Photography

I’d seen pictures taken with a peephole before but this $11 Super Wide Angle Digital Camera article that I came across last week was what made me want to actually shoot with a peephole. We picked up a peephole on Sunday morning and I had a lot of fun shooting with it later in the…… Continue reading Peephole Photography


I’m kind of hoping to get a scanner with medium format film scanning capability for my birthday, which is only a month and a week away *hint, hint*. If I did get the scanner, I’d be able to do my own black and white film processing myself, which should save us some money. I’d also…… Continue reading Photogeekery