Photos from Pinhole Day 2014

The last Sunday of April is the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, or Pinhole Day for short. This year, it fell on April 27, which was yesterday. I managed to talk my husband into driving me to the town of Goderich, Ontario by the Lake Huron to take some pinhole photos with my trusty Lumix GF1 and the Pinwide pinhole “lens” (basically a body cap with a hole on it), which has been my Pinhole Day set-up for a couple of years now.

We were planning on going to Goderich on Easter Friday but decided against it because it was rainy. I later learned that a dead body was found at the beach where we would’ve been if we went there that day (which is where we were yesterday). Got to say, I’m happy not to be one of the people who found it. I don’t know if my head would be able to handle any more traumatizing experiences.

Of all the pinhole photos I took yesterday, the one at the top of this post is my favourite. I didn’t mean for the boy in a baseball cap to be in the picture. I thought he was hidden behind the tree but apparently not. Oh well. I still love that shot anyway. And here’s a few more shots from yesterday that made the cut (click on a thumbnail to see the full picture):

If you’re interested in seeing my last year’s Pinhole Day shots, they can be found in this Flickr set. They were taken in Port Dover, Ontario by the Lake Erie. See the pattern? Lake Erie, then Lake Huron. Maybe Lake Ontario next year? 😉


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