Picture the Cure Again

I donated three prints to be auctioned off at the Picture the Cure event last year to benefit Canadian Cancer Society. They didn’t get sold, but they’ll be up for sale again between Saturday, March 29 and April 4 in the Picture the Cure Again retrospective show at *Hotshot Gallery in Kensington Market, Toronto, along with many other great prints by artists from around the world, from the past three years of Picture the Cure. If you happen to be in the area, please drop by and consider buying a print or two. It’s for a good cause. The opening reception will start at 7PM and will continue until 11PM.

Troy and I will be there. In fact, we’ll be in Toronto for most of the day since we’re planning on checking out the Royal Ontario Museum to see the dinosaur skeletons and stuff. Originally, we were planning on going to the Art Gallery of Ontario because it’s been years since the last time we were there but it is currently closed to public and won’t be open again until this Fall. Hopefully the weather will be nice. According to the Weather Office, it’ll be 2°C (36°F) in Toronto on Saturday, which is warm by my standard.

I’m pretty excited about the weekend, especially since we’re planning on having a make-believe Indonesian dinner in a Malaysian restaurant before going to the opening reception at the *Hotshot Gallery. Make-believe because Malaysian food is close to Indonesian food, but not that close. Indonesian food is so much better! 😀 I love me some Indonesian food. Too bad all Indonesian restaurants in Greater Toronto Area seem to have gone out of business.

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  1. haha – i spotted one f your pics (Great White Frozen) but for some reason not all the pics showed up when i first went to the site…but i dont know if i would have guessed the other two as yours either. but woo! i guessed one of ’em!!

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