Picture This

Sit still for Aunt Firda, please pretty please, with cherry on top?

A brand new niece came into the world almost a month ago, and as always, Aunt Firda, the long-suffering family photographer, was summoned to capture the craziness for posterity.

You know what kids can’t do? Sit still.

You know what poor Aunt Firda doesn’t have? A super fast lens. Like, f/0.7 fast.

If photography is your thing, you’ll know that that means a lot of blurry photos were taken that day.

(Yes, I do realize that I could have used flash, but I hate flash photography even though I have a super pricey fancy shmancy external flash in my arsenal. I’d rather use natural light and get a few good photos rather than use flash and get a lot of blah albeit usable photos. See why I can’t be a professional photographer?)

Poor Aunt Firda is also no kid whisperer, unfortunately. She had to rely on her brother- and sister-in-law as well as fun Uncle Troy to distract the kids enough to sit still for a couple of seconds for her to take some potentially non-blurry photos. (Trust me, leave the kids alone with me and they’d all run away. Kids are more my husband’s thing than mine.)

I did have a lot of fun taking the photos despite all the chaos. My favourite part was when the baby pooped when I was taking some photos of her buff naked. So great.

If all goes according to plan, that would be the last baby photography session for poor Aunt Firda.

BUT, there are MANY YEARS of crazy family photo sessions waiting for her!


Maybe in 10 years they’ll be more willing to cooperate? Maybe?

I think so.

Now I just need to finish processing the photos before the baby turns a year old.

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