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Pinhole Day

Cherry Blossoms

Pinhole Day is only two days away! Well, technically, it’s three days away, but since the last Sunday of April this year is also Easter Sunday, they will accept pinhole photos taken between April 23 and May 1. You don’t get three days a week to come up with a pinhole photo to submit to every year, I can tell you that much! That’s why I urge you to participate. It’s fun, and you’ll be amazed with the results if it works out. Emphasis on ‘if it works out’ because sometimes it doesn’t, but you know, there’s always next year.

Last week I built myself a pinhole camera out of a smallish cardboard box for the body and stuck to it is a roll film back from a vintage press camera we won in a live auction in Paris (Ontario, not France) years ago. The pinhole is made from my favourite material: pie tin (the thin, disposable kind; easy to puncture). I meant to take it out for a test roll last weekend, but alas, the weather just wouldn’t cooperate. I’ll just have to guesstimate the exposure time this weekend.

I’m planning on shooting with the pinhole camera while doing the annual egg hunt that the Stratford Festival is having this Saturday. We did the egg hunt last year and were lucky enough to find one egg with a pair of free tickets inside to a play we hadn’t got tickets for yet. We’re hoping to be as lucky this year. Fingers crossed! I’m also crossing my fingers for a fair weather. This week’s weather has been quite icky.

Also on Saturday, Troy’s parents are taking me out for a belated birthday dinner and a couple of friends are going to join us. After dinner, I’m assuming we’re heading straight to the Avon Theatre to see the Grapes of Wrath that we all managed to get cheap tickets for. Should be interesting.

I kind of wish that tomorrow was Saturday but I kind of don’t. The house is messy and we need a day to clean up!

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