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If you follow me on Twitter, you would know that I’m currently obsessed with No, not Pinterest. Pinwheel. It’s a site where you can find and leave notes on places around the world. You can leave a note about your first home or your favourite ice cream place or your favourite place in the world or any place at all.

It’s not really a check-in site like the annoying Foursquare where people can litter your Twitter and Facebook streams with check-in notes you don’t care about (sorry, Foursquare users!). It’s a place where you can share stories about places that matter to you. You can follow people whose stories you enjoy. You can also follow places that you’d like to read more about.

I’ve been using Pinwheel a lot since I signed up for an account less than a week ago and I’ve written and posted a bunch of notes there. I’ve even got two of my notes featured on the front page! I have a story to tell about almost every place I’ve been and Pinwheel makes it really easy for me to share those stories.

Pinwheel is still in private beta right now, but if you would like an invite, leave a comment with your email address and I’ll send you one.

Remember when people used to read personal blogs? They don’t seem to do that anymore these days.

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  1. I’d like to check out pinwheel…sounds like it could be consuming….
    I read your blog….

  2. Hi, Firda!! Really nice to find your blog on the Internet. I heard a lot about, so I am really curious about how it performs. Would you please invite me in? I’d love to share my experience and feelings about this site!! Thanks so much!

  3. Hi Firda!

    I keep checking back to see if you have any new photos up :) If you don’t mind, I would love to try Pinwheel out. I have not been too that many places, but it would be fun nonetheless. Thanks :)

  4. i’ve found your blog from searching coincidentally bout one year ago. read it even though never give any comment (sorry hehehe). i like your story

    day by day, less and more less people posting their blog. most of them abandoned it. very sadly. i don’t know why. maybe they are lost enthusiasm in writing, boring or something…

    i hope you it wont happen to you frida…

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