Positive Vibes Needed

The Great White Frozen

When I checked my email first thing in the morning, the only news I got was from my younger brother, telling me that one of my aunts in Indonesia was in a hospital and that my older brother was already there with her (she lives in another city, about four hours away from our hometown) and that he might join him tomorrow.

The first thought that came to my mind was, she was dying. And then came the guilt. We haven’t been in touch since I moved to Canada. I’ve always wanted to send her some news but I don’t have her address and my brothers have been slacking from getting her address for me. Her birthday is in January. I bought her a card. It’s still sitting there on my desk.
I really hope she’ll pull it through. Out of all my mother’s sisters, she’s my favourite. Just like my mum, she was always so proud of me, always spoiling me rotten (she’s unmarried, no kids of her own). There was always a birthday card from her every year.

Anyway, I’m just posting this so I could ask you to send some positive vibes her way. I don’t know how this positive vibe thing works but if people all over the world are still requesting it, it must be working somehow. Just address the vibes to Firda’s Favourite Aunt, please, and thank you.

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