Sad Day

Swing, Swing

When I checked my email for the first time this morning, I got an email notification from USPS telling me that my Diana+ camera had been scheduled to be shipped on 11/19/2007, but evil Lomography got our address wrong. We gave them the correct address when we ordered the camera but of course they had to screw up. I emailed Lomography to see if there’s anything they can do about it but, as expected, there was no response.

As if that wasn’t frustrating enough, our scanner had to stop working. I have so many rolls of 120 film to shoot and I’ve already had three rolls of film developed but I have no way to digitize the pictures for sharing. The photo lab charges $20 for scanning a roll of 120 film into a CD, which is not affordable at all. It really makes me sad. I’m going to have to shoot only 35mm film for the time being since the drugstore will develop and scan the 35mm film and put the pictures in a CD, all in an affordable package. If anything, this gives me a reason to pick up one of those manual film SLRs in our collection and shoot with it. I’m still hoping for a miracle, that the scanner will start working again tomorrow, but I know it’s not very likely.

I know I still have my digital SLR and some of you might think I shouldn’t be complaining, but film is my favourite medium. If I were rich, I’d shoot film exclusively. But I’m anything but rich and film photography is so expensive these days. You see, I take great pleasure in shooting and scanning a couple of rolls of film a month. Not being able to scan the film kind of makes me feel deprived of one of my life’s little pleasures. It really puts a damper on the glorious fact that I got two boxes of my beloved Kodak Portra 400UC 120 film (expired, of course) from the camera show we went to on Sunday.

Today is a sad day indeed.

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  1. I love film. I still shoot with it when I can… but that’s not too often anymore. It’s tough to even find a decent lab to have it developed.

  2. If Lomography got your address wrong and it’s their mistake and fault, you should hold them responsible.
    As for shooting and scanning fiim: I have a Minolta film scanner for 35 mm film and a flatbed scanner for 120 film.
    I get my 35 mm film processed at the neighborhood 1 hour photo place and I ask them to process only, no prints. They charge $3 roll for that. I think that’s ok.
    120 film is a problem. I have to bring it into Manhattan to get it processed, unless I shoot b/w.
    Scanning is sort of fun, but quite time consuming. Removing dust spots is not fun and is time consuming. Other than that, I really enjoy shooting film.
    Check eBay for a used Epson 4990. That would save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

  3. We already ordered a new Epson 4490 of which I’ve heard good things from people on Flickr. I know Epson 4990 is a step up but it’s out of our price range. Didn’t even consider eBay. Would rather get it new with valid warranty.

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