Screw the Weather

Contrary to what I said in yesterday’s post, I didn’t stay in. The weather wasn’t fantastic but what the hell. My mind was set. I was going. When I walked to the bus stop, I couldn’t see the sidewalk because it was covered thickly with snow. That was one of the few times I was glad I had my hiking boots. Hiking boots make excellent winter boots. Except that your feet will eventually get cold unless you keep on moving. Might be the same case with winter boots but I don’t know. I have no winter boots.

Anyway, I spent some three hours at the mall and came home with four presents. All for Troy. Two are birthday presents and the other two are for Christmas. Though I might change my mind. I’m still going to get some more presents for Troy. I’m planning to walk to a bookstore this afternoon. It’s really windy out there (the wind chill is -11) but if I could survive yesterday’s crap weather, I should survive today’s.

In other news, I’m feeling kind of blah today. Partly because our Betta fish Finnegan is dying despite our efforts to medicate him, and partly because I keep dreaming about my family in Indonesia at night, which makes me feel homesick. I really wish that teleporter thingy (a la Star Trek) really did exist.

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