Seasonal Confusion

I tag my Flickr photos with the seasons in which the photos were taken, but lately I’ve been more and more tempted to tag the photos I took recently with “winter” instead of the actual season, ie. “autumn”, because the ground is already covered with snow and the temperature is already below freezing.

My question is, do you go by the official season calendar (December 21 to March 21 for winter and so on) or do you just go by whatever season Mother Nature thinks it is? It’s just that some people already think it’s wintertime because they tag their recent Flickr photos with “winter”. I’m curious about how most people decide what season we’re in. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, do you think it’s winter already?

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  1. I’m orginally from No.Va like Nina, but I live in TX now. It is definately winter. I think winter starts before Dec 21 in most of the US.
    btw, it’s snowing RIGHT NOW. In TEXAS! Wooo!!!!

  2. I live in Northern Virginia, way south of Canada, and it’s DEFINITELY winter here (i.e. there’s snow on the ground, it’s below freezing). The solstice is just going to have to deal with it. 🙂

  3. I just tend to go on what it feels like. I’d definitely describe it as winter here – it’s very cold and we’ve had the first snow of the season.

  4. In Canada it’s not officially winter unless there’s snow on the ground that will last until the spring. There might be one or two false starts, but eventually everything will be packed with snow.
    In Edmonton, sometimes that’s in September, and one year it was on December 31.

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