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She is the Day of Love

Walking in a winter wonderland...

Last weekend, on Saturday, we decided to go for a walk through the Laurel Creek Conservation Area, which is only several blocks away from where we live, since it was a lovely day and all. And I needed to take some pictures. The place looked like a winter wonderland in some parts, though I think Troy would disagree. Sure we couldn’t really find our way back to the car afterwards, but I had a lot of fun anyway. :) If you’d like to see the pictures, they’re in this Flickr photoset. Enjoy!

Okay, now let’s see what kind of crazy things the Intarweb has in store for today.

A 57-year-old Japanese man was found to live with a harem of 10 women, mostly in their 20s and 30s. He said that women found him attractive due to a certain incantation he’d recite, which he learned from a dream. He really should share his spell with his other male compadres because many middle-aged Japanese men, hoping to start a new life, have ended up without money and abandoned by their Filipino wives in the Phillippines. Meanwhile, male farmers in South Kyongsang, South Korea who marry foreign women will be given 6 million won (£3,500) by the provincial government because local women just aren’t that interested in the prospect of rural life. Mail-order bride businesses will flourish there for sure.

Do you want to know the best time to buy air tickets, televisions, houses, cars, video games, and toys? Then check out this article. Next time I get a chance to travel by plane, I’ll have to remember to buy the ticket on a Wednesday.

If you live in Southern California, please do make time to go to this photo exhibition called Ashes and Snow. I wish they’d bring this exhibition to Toronto, but alas, no such luck. I just have to be happy with the online version of it, which is nothing short of beautiful.

I already knew I was an e-bore, even before I took this e-bore-ometer quiz. According to my results, I’m “a bit of an e-bore, but nothing too tragic. You should still at least receive a few invitations to dinner parties with your friends.” I’m not a big fan of parties, so I have nothing to lose, really.

The game for today is Puzzle Express. It’s a bit like Tetris, except the blocks don’t really come from the top. You have to move them from the platform and into the trains. Be sure to read the instructions. The game kind of reminds me of one of those mini games in Super Mario Party. Yes, I do play Gamecube games every now and then. And Playstation 2 when I feel like playing Katamari Damacy or We Love Katamari. And no, I’m still not a gaming geek!

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