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She Sells Sea Shells

Last Monday, my husband had to go to Orlando, Florida for a training and I was left alone to my own device for 4 days/3 nights. I know, right? A training? At The Happiest Place On Earth™? What was he training to be? Mickey Mouse? Well, it actually had something to do with robots, because he’s just that kind of guy.

Anyway, he came home yesterday, sunburned and all, bearing gifts: the sea shells in the picture above that he picked up from Cocoa Beach (I’m assuming) and two packs of Milk Duds (I actually requested the latter because I never had any and I don’t think we have those in Canada). I sniffed the sea shells, hoping they’d still smell like the ocean, but alas, no luck. I even got to touch some Floridian grains of sand that were still sticking to his swimming trunk! I know, so lucky!

Penne with creamy pesto, shrimps, and sweet tomatoes. Yum!
Penne with creamy pesto, shrimps, and sweet tomatoes. Yum!

I had pasta (first penne, and then fusilli when I went out of penne) with homemade creamy pesto sauce, shrimps, and sweet tomato every day while my husband was away. It was so yummy. My mouth waters just thinking about it. I made the pesto following this recipe which I’ve had bookmarked for, like, ever. I made the pesto on Monday and it tasted much better the next day after overnighting in the fridge. I still have some pine nuts left (they’re very expensive!) so I might have to make more pesto soon. Just need to get more fresh basils. And shrimps. And sweet tomatoes.

Me and my sweet Moebius cowl.
Me and my sweet Moebius cowl.

I started making a Möbius cowl (also known as an infinity scarf) a couple of days ago and finished it yesterday. I was making it for my reddit’s Hats and Scarves Exchange match but when it was finished, I realized that the end result would be too small for them, so I’m keeping this one and I’m making a bigger one for my match. I think it looks good on me, if I say so myself. The picture on the left has the correct representation of my skin tone but the incorrect one of the scarf. The scarf looks more like in the picture next to it. What? I like having my skin tone correctly represented in pictures. It DOES NOT make me a weirdo! Also this is not an excuse to post another photo of my mug (two posts in a row, geez!). I just don’t have anyone else to model my stuff for me.

Hey, it’s March already. Isn’t it crazy? New Year’s Eve feels like only yesterday!

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  1. and i love your cats-eyes glasses! Going to look for a pair myself today at this old shop in KK that still has unsold stocks from the 80s/90s ;)

    1. Ha, cool! Lucky you! My pair is more retro than vintage. More people should wear cat’s-eye glasses! Can’t wait to see the pair you’ll end up with. :-) Hope you’ll post it on twitter!

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