Silly TV Show

Neither I nor Troy watch “Invasion” (I gave the show one chance but had to change the channels after 15 minutes because I couldn’t stand it anymore), but last night I guess we were I was too lazy to browse the channels for a half decent show to watch so “Invasion” ended up showing on our TV. Occasionally I’d get distracted from whatever I was looking at on the computer and I’d catch some bits and pieces of the show.

Anyway, one of the bits and pieces from the show that kind of bothered me was when some guy was reading some other guy’s blog entry out loud in which the guy addressed his readers as bloggers (as in “hey bloggers”). I mean, dude! People who write blog posts are bloggers. The blog readers are not necessarily bloggers. And I still have yet to find a real blogger who addresses his/her readers as bloggers instead of, well, readers. I think whoever wrote the story needs to do more research on blogging.

Well, I just needed to get that out of my system. Now that I did, I’m feeling so much better. Phew!

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