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Welcome to Fish & Custard!

This is my first post here at the new domain,! In case you didn’t come here from and therefore didn’t get to read what I posted there, I did something impulsive yesterday. I registered a new domain and then decided to move my blog over because:

  1. I’ve always wanted a domain name with the word “and” in it because it allows me to use an ampersand in the logo and ampersand is one of my favourite things ever;
  2. I love Doctor Who and fish fingers and custard is the 11th Doctor’s favourite food so this domain is an homage to my most favourite TV show ever; and
  3. I feel like, after 14 years, I’m finally too old to be blogging under a domain name with the word “girl” in it.

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The Obligatory Fourteenth Blogiversary Post

Weblog Wannabe turned 14 years old today! Happy birthday, dear old blog! My god you’re old!

There have been times when I felt like pulling the plug on the blog but I just couldn’t do it. This is where I met my husband! I know this is only a virtual place and nobody cares about this blog other than me and perhaps my husband, but it’s staying for the time being, albeit in a somewhat comatose state. I did post seventeen updates to the blog last year, mostly before our trip to Iceland. My goal this year is to post more, even if it’s only one more update than I did last year. I think it’s doable. :-)
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Belated 13th Blogiversary Bloggage

Happy 13th birthday, my dear blog! Here’s a little birthday present: a new look!

Sometimes I’d think of something and thought, hey, that would be an interesting topic to write about on the blog. But then I’d sit down and start writing only to decide that the topic was boring, and even if it wasn’t, no one would care anyway because personal blog is a thing of the past, and I’d abandon the post. Can’t compete with Facebook where one can get tonnes of comments just by posting a line of cryptic Facebook status. Personal blog post: big effort, small to no gain. Cryptic Facebook status: zero effort, big gain.
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And Then We Are 12

Twelve years ago, having decided to abandon my old Diaryland journal, I came across a list of weblogs in someone’s Pitas (remember Diaryland‘s supposedly cooler sister Pitas?). After visiting a bunch of them, I decided that I wanted to have one of my own so I could share all the cool stuff I found in my web meanderings, of which I did a lot because I had no life.

After researching tonnes of free web space providers, I dubbed the winner. Free web space with no ads! Perfect! So I signed up for an account, set Blogger to post via FTP to it (Blogspot hadn’t existed yet) and voila! A new weblog was born. I named it Weblog Wannabe because I wasn’t really sure what a weblog really was but really wanted it to be a weblog. Not the most creative name ever but I thought it was catchy.

My first month of blogging is so full of name-dropping.

My second month of blogging is even more so with some bad pseudo-poetry written for other webloggers thrown in for good measure.

My third month of blogging… My god, people actually read this CRAP?!?

I think a lot of people used to visit my weblog only because they felt sorry for this poor Indonesian girl with no life. It’s the only logical explanation I could think of for the hundreds of visits I used to get daily. But thanks to my readers’ compassion and their generous offers of friendship, I managed to survive some of the toughest times of my life. It’s too bad that I no longer have most of the readers I used to have because I really want all of them to know how much their emails and comments meant to me. They meant a lot. They helped keeping me going.

And then along came Troy, the nerd with whom I ended up tying the knot. He wouldn’t have found me if he hadn’t been a reader of zannah’s blog and zannah hadn’t been friends with Bryan and Bryan hadn’t posted a link to my wee blog on his. But he was and they were and he did, and so he found my weblog several months after I started blogging and became a regular. The next year, he sent me a friendly email and we started chatting on ICQ and we continued to do so almost every day. I’m pretty sure he thought I was a psycho several chats in but he stuck around anyway. For years. Even after I pissed him off countless of times with my stubbornness. A man after my own heart. :)

TL;DR, we eventually met in 4D in 2004 and his first impression of me was that I was stinky. True story.

I can’t even begin to tell you how glad I am to have started this thing 12 years ago. It has improved and enriched my life in so many ways. Thanks, ye olde blog, for allowing me to meet so many interesting, kind, and generous people from all over the world and most importantly, for sending me a top-notch husband. You rock! Happy 12!