Slow Blogging Day

It’s been a slow blogging day. Well, make it two days. And the sky hasn’t been clear for, like, ever so I’m going to miss seeing Saturn (the planet, not the car) tonight. If the sky is clear where you are, step outside tonight around 7:30pm, look up and look east. You’re bound to notice it.
Today’s been so warm for a winter day (14°C!) and most of the snow has melted. Some people (like the boy) might rejoice but not me. I happen to like winter. I want my winter back!!! And it looks like it is going to be back tonight. The temperature is going to drop to -8°C! Yippee! Happiness is sub-zero temperature. And going out to a Vietnamese restaurant for dinner tonight.
The last time we went to a Vietnamese restaurant, the boy took a tiny bite of a bird’s eye chili (after seeing me chewing it like it was chocolate) and instantly felt like he was dying. Wimp. Poor boy. I hope that experience didn’t traumatise him.
Boring post, huh? Told you it was a slow blogging day!

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  1. It’s been +14C there in January?! And I thought our winter was unusual and way too warm with temperatures of +7C! I miss winter too. Winters should be cold with lots of snow and summers warm and sunny. The constant rain and “in the middle” temperatures are driving me crazy!

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