Snow in April

Snow in April
(Snow in April, originally uploaded by firda.)

I hate Canadian weather sometimes. See, I have nothing against rain and snow. It may rain or snow at any time of the year. But please, not on a weekend! The picture above is not from winter. It’s from today. Stupid snow.

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  1. It just can’t make up its mind here in Montana. It’s usually sunny and warm on the weekends, then we get 6 inches of wet, sloppy snow on Monday. Makes it very difficult to ride my motorcycle to school or work that way.

  2. Your post reminds me of one of the best songs ever made, by Prince: Sometimes it snows in April. Whenever the weather is bad in April, and it usually is here in the Netherlands, the song makes me smile again 🙂

  3. I was born and raised in Guelph, now in Northern Ontario. Can I tell you it was quite a hoot to see that S. Ont was getting dumped on while we had 12C??
    Sorry…I just thought it was funny, no?

  4. Just leaving a random comment… My blog is in the prossess of being awesome like yours (random links and the what not). =P
    But yea, here in Upstate NY, the weather sucks too, last weekend was awesome, warm, sunny. this past weekend was cold and a total washout, and today we are having a bit of snow (thankfuly its not sticking!)
    Warmer weather cant come soon enough!!!

  5. Same here. Last week I was walking around outside without a coat. Yesterday, I had to wear my winter coat.

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