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I don’t usually give a post a title until I finished writing the post but I’m doing it the other way around this time, just to see if it’ll help me focus on what I’m planning to say. Which I’m not really sure what but I guess it’s going to be something about thrifting. We go thrifting almost every weekend so it can’t be so difficult to write about it, right? So thrifting it is then.

So. Thrifting. Lately I’ve been thrifting for stuff to resell on Etsy. My one golden rule is I have to want to own whatever it is I decide to buy. It’s fun because I get to buy things I love but have no use for, which I would otherwise have to pass with sadness. Plus, I get to indulge my obsession for Things That Could’ve Belonged to Someone’s Grandma™. Awesome!

I like to go straight to the linen section as soon as I get to a thrift store. It’s usually pretty quiet but yesterday at a small Mennonite thrift store in the heart of Mennonite country, when I got to the linen section, there were a bunch of Mennonite men congregating awkwardly in that particular area, and I was like, guh? Anyway, I made my way through the crowd, started browsing what they had in store and procured some lovely tablecloths, one of it for half price because it had the right colour tag. Win!

Sadly, thrifting trips are not always full of win. Today we went thrifting in the city of London, Ontario and it was pretty disappointing considering the number of thrift stores we hit (9!). I did pick up a couple of things I like, such as an awesome brass owl wall hanging clip thingy (among others), but nothing phenomenal. Hopefully tomorrow’s thrifting round will yield better results. (Okay, so the thrifting trip to London was full of win for Troy because he got to pick up a bunch of board games. Not for me, though.)

On our way up to London, Troy mentioned something about that sign you can see in the photo above. I just had to snap a picture with my point-and-shoot camera when we passed it on our way back home, just because I thought it was kind of funny. Would’ve been funnier if there were geese and sheep in the photo!

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