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Another day, another late post. If I’d written something earlier, the post would probably end up being an angsty one since I woke up feeling angry for some reasons even though I didn’t have a nightmare last night. At least I don’t think I did. Right now I’m just too tired to be angry. Heh.

So, I’ve been kind of saving up some money for a couple of months and right about now I have enough to buy another entry level digital SLR camera, except I don’t really want another entry level camera. I want at least a semi-pro model like the new Canon EOS 7D that has just been released yesterday, that I should be able to afford in another couple of months. The thing is, I also want to save up for a big(gish) trip next year. I don’t know which one I want more. What a dilemma. I guess I’ll decide in a couple of months.

You might have heard about the earthquake in Indonesia. You’d think that after the whole series of disasters happening there, I’d get used to it and wouldn’t feel anything. Not so. It makes me feel bad every time. Indonesia could really use a break.

Anyway, here’s some interesting links pilfered from my Facebook homepage to entertain you:

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  1. LOL that tweet guy is so funny… I mean also his dad, the guy is hilarious and the son is not embarrassed by it, it’s just so cool

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