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What is it about swimming that makes you sleepy? Is it the amount of chlorine that ended up in your eyes? I suspect so. Though it’s probably not. But it’s always the case, even when I was a kid. After a swim, all I want to do is sleep.

We started going swimming in an indoor, heated pool at a hotel in town last week. We’re lucky enough to have free access to the pool so might as well take advantage of it. It’s nice to be able to swim in warm water because even in the summer, the water in an outdoor pool, more often than not, is too cold for me.

I used to swim a lot growing up. My mother was a strong swimmer and she wanted me to be just as strong swimmer as she was. I think I didn’t disappoint. She always watched proudly as I swam laps at a hotel’s Olympic-sized swimming pool where we went for our weekly swim.

The thing about swimming is, when you’re used to swimming regularly, if you stop, you get fat. That’s what happened to me. At least I still have my swimmer’s shoulders. I never needed any shoulder pads. Shoulder pads only make me look like an American football player.

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  1. how nice… I had to stop my kid swimming lessons because he always get sick lately because our pool is not heated and even it’s 80F out, it’s maybe only 50s in the water

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