Spring is the Time to Grow

Looks like Spring is finally here, though no guarantee on how long it’s going to last (we’ve had snow in May before). I finally got around to planting some seeds we picked up from the dollar store this morning. Three packets for a buck! Though I am wondering what my chance to succeed with these seeds is like. Have you had any luck growing plants from dollar store seeds? I’d be interested to know. If the chance is minuscule, I won’t get my hopes up to avoid disappointment.

I also have the box container in the balcony to fill up. I usually plant some flowery annuals there but this year I feel like planting some cat grass, even though we don’t have any cats. I just like how green it looks. So a trip to a pet store is in order (for the cat grass seeds, not a cat).

I love planting, even if I have a black thumb.

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