№ 15 – Stanley Park, British Columbia, Canada

Actually, I know exactly why. First of all, we always travel during the off season. Secondly, I always kind of wish for a little less than perfect weather because it makes for more interesting pictures, but more often than not, Mother Nature’s interpretation of a little less than perfect weather is a little off. The weather is usually worse than I’d like it to be. But eh, I always end up having fun anyway. When I’m grumpy while travelling, it’s never because of the weather. It’s always because of something else.

Anyway, Brockton Point Lighthouse (built in 1914) is the lighthouse in the foreground of the photo and in the background is the city of Vancouver. Brockton Point is the most easterly part of Stanley Park. At 1,001 acres, Stanley Park is quite large (as a comparison, Central Park in New York City is 843 acres in size) and has a long history. It has been designated a National Historic Site of Canada.

I didn’t get to see much of Stanley Park so I don’t really have much to say about it. It was just one of the quick stops we made while exploring Vancouver. The views from along the waterfront are quite amazing and I would have loved to stick around for a while and walk some of the trails but alas, there were still so many other places to see in our short time there. Maybe some other time.

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