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Okay, those of you who keep checking this blog for an update may rejoice because, at long last, there’s a new entry! You guys made me feel bad every time you showed up in my visitor statistics. I’m such a lazy blogger. Oooh, ooh, and this is not just a new entry. It’s a new bulleted entry! Hooray!

— We’re going to Newfoundland this year! Or British Columbia! Or both! We don’t know yet! But we’re going somewhere! Yay for travelling! We didn’t do any travelling last year. It was kind of sad.

— I only signed up for a Facebook account because I wanted to be able to read Troy’s profile. But then I got addicted to changing my status. But seriously, social networking sites and I don’t really mix because I’m an anti social.

— We went to a wedding on Friday night and we were seated at the head table with the bride and the groom even though we were not in the wedding party. That was a first for me. And the prime rib was humongous.

— I’ve been attempting a redesign and I came up with a new design that was all Web Two-Oh yesterday. Of course I ended up hating it.

— Sometimes I get tired of speaking English and I’ll start speaking Indonesian to Troy whose knowledge of Indonesian language is limited to a couple of phrases: “Aku cinta kamu” (I love you) and “Seekor anjing/kucing/kuda/sapi” (A dog/cat/horse/cow.) It’s always fun.

— Sometimes I also get tired of writing in English and I’ll blog somewhere else in my own language. I miss using my language.

— I also miss all the lovely Indonesian food, but my Indonesian cooking is improving. Hopefully someone will be nice enough to take me to an Indonesian restaurant that serves authentic Indonesian food for my birthday. Hint, hint.

— I suggested McFlurries for dinner today, but alas, Troy wants to have some chicken stir-fry. Mmm, Caramilk McFlurry. It’s so bad it’s good. It’s about the only thing I’d buy from McDonald’s.

— I wish someone would sponsor me to travel across Canada and take pictures with various toy/plastic cameras and later would publish the pictures in a book. Oh yes. That’s the kind of thing I would love to do.

— I dream BIG. Some of my biggest dreams have actually come true.

— I like stream of consciousness blog writing. As you may have noticed, I’m pretty random.

— I also like cheesecake.

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  1. I ate a large bag of barbeque ruffle chips for dinner the other night, I told Matt to fend for himself because I wasn’t sharing. Sometimes it’s good to have non-dinner things for dinner. Like a REALLY big plate of h’or douevres.

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