Stupid Arctic Front

It’s going to be -37 with wind chill tonight (-34.6 if you speak Fahrenheit), thanks to the stupid Arctic front. Oh yay. It’s not dark yet but the temperature inside the warmest apartment in the world that we live in is already dropping. Tonight is going to be fun. Meanwhile, Troy is stuck in Stratford where he works because the highways are closed due to crappy road condition and weather. And of course it’s frickin’ snowing again outside. Sigh. O Spring, where art thou?

4 thoughts on “Stupid Arctic Front

  1. Here in upstate NY it is also a whiteout . I’m staying inside with sweaters and an electric blanket on ‘high’. My school district has had 6 “snow days” so far but tomorrow just might be #7. Wind chill waaaay below zero.

  2. To think, I thought it was bad here in New York City. It’s positively tropical by comparison. It’s now 25° F and going down to 11° F. The problem is that it’s really windy. I can hear the wind outside. I’m not looking forward to going to work tomorrow, but at least I should be able to get there (and back).
    We New Yorkers aren’t used to this kind of weather. I have no idea what we’d do if we were where you are. Probably we’d never get out from under the blankets (and lots of blankets at that).

  3. Remember back when you were excited about seeing a Canadian winter? :)
    It sure is nice to visit a Canadian winter, but you wouldn’t want to live in it. So….cold….
    I have to go walk to the streetcar in it and it makes me die on the inside a little just thinking about it….

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