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Stupid Poem for Bloggers

Finally, after lots of procrastinating, I came up with another installment of stupid poems. Well, a poem and some haikus anyway. I was going to post them earlier but then I fell asleep. It’s already past midnight now but I don’t want to keep you waiting any longer, so here they are.

These haikus are just plain stupid, but still I think they’re kind of cute. They don’t rhyme at all, though. But then again, most of my poems don’t rhyme anyway.

Daily Bread

Danny Bunny hops
With daily bread in his pocket
And a carrot too

Daily bread’s yummy!
Danny Bunny eats it out
Every single day

Danny is healthy
‘Cause he eats a lot of bread
He really loves it

Danny Bunny blogs
The whole world in daily bread
Go now and eat it!

This poem is yet another stupid poem. I just wanted every line to rhyme with “hit or miss”. It doesn’t have anything to do with weblogging either. The full title of this poem is “(The poem that rhymes with) Hit or Miss”.

Hit Or Miss

Hit or miss
Give me a kiss
Oh the bliss

Hit or miss
Sit down please?
Have a dish

Hit or miss
I heard you hiss
“Get lost, miss!”

Hit or miss
Can I have this
Beautiful fish?

Well, Armed Vision is not a weblog, and my policy is only to write weblog poetry. But since Philip has written me a haiku, I wrote him a haiku too. And of course the haiku is a stupid one. What do you expect?

Armed Vision

Armed vision is not
A weblog, but Philip is
A weblog fan. No?

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