Summer Update

Making a splash

Once again, the poor blog has become a victim of blogger abandonment. It’s a good thing that a blog is not a pet. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have been allowed to have another blog, by law. Rest assured that this is not the only abandoned blog of mine. Oh no, Siree! It’s just the only one that I feel bad for not updating more often.

Sooooooo, how’s summer been treating you? It’s been treating me bad. Too many sweltering hot days. Summer last year was pretty awesome. It was cool and wet. This year, it’s just as bad as the dry season in Indonesia. So hot and humid. I’d probably enjoy it more if we had a central air conditioning, but alas, all we have are box fans and a window-rattling air conditioner that we put in a bedroom and only turn on at night to help us sleep. The first night of the first heatwave, our big box fan broke in the middle of the night and we hadn’t put the window air conditioning up yet. That made for one of the worst sleeps I’ve ever had.

We haven’t gone to too many garage sales this summer. At least I haven’t. Troy’s gone to more garage sales than I do. We’ve done a fair amount of thrifting, though. And of course I still have to get my eye poked with a needle once a month. The last time it was kind of freaky because I could actually see the drug inside my eye. It was like seeing liquid in a see-through container, except it wasn’t. Yes, it was that freaky! But that last one made quite a difference to my vision so it’s all good. Another eye injection is coming up in less than a week. Fun!

We went to our first wedding in two years last weekend. It was for one of Troy’s cousins. It took place at the bride’s parents backyard somewhere in rural Ontario. And when I say backyard, picture two water-filled quarries and one big ass slide, the kind you’d see in an amusement park. I was planning on taking a lot of pictures of the bride and groom but ended up filling my memory cards with a boatload of pictures of the bride’s family dog instead. It’s an old dog, a chocolate lab (I think) and he’s awesome! He really likes fetching rocks. He’d even fetch rocks underwater. He was so eager to please though a bit overexcited sometimes. He’s my dream dog. :) And yes, that’s him in one of the pictures above.

Our annual cottage weekend with friends is coming up soon. Looks like it’s going to be a relatively small one compared to last year’s but I’m sure it’s going to be just as fun. I’m really looking forward to it. I’m also looking forward to seeing the curtains I made with a lot of cussing and perseverance hanging in the bedrooms at the cottage. I hope they look good. And I hope the water in the lake is warm enough for swimming. I miss swimming in the lake.

We’ve seen 7 plays at the annual Shakespeare Festival in town, and we saw one of them twice. Our plan was to see all 12 plays this year, but alas, we were late to get tickets to one of the plays so we’d probably only get to see 11 of them, which would still be quite an improvement from last year when we only got to see 6. UPDATE: Troy found us tickets to that one play we’d thought had sold out! Yay!

Of all the 7 plays we’ve seen this year, I think my favourite is Evita. Even though I had known most of the songs from this musical for years, it was the first Andrew Lloyd Webber I’ve ever seen on stage and it was very well done. The acting was great and so was the choreography and of course the singing. I loved everything about it and would love to see it again before closing.

We saw The Tempest with Christopher Plummer (Captain Von Trapp in the Sound of Music, in case you don’t know who he is) last Wednesday. It was great, except some people in the audience sucked. During the performance, at least two cellphones rang, someone behind us kept having the alarm on their watch go off every 5 minutes and the fidgety lady sitting two seats away from me was fiddling with the zipper on her purse for an extended amount of time. Grrr. I could complain about all the coughing and sneezing people but I won’t because they probably couldn’t help it. We saw the play with our friend K, who came to visit all the way from England, and her mom. We spent some time catching up while enjoying Vietnamese food at our favourite (and only) Vietnamese place in town. Good times.

I can’t think of anything else to write about so I guess that’s all for now. Enjoy your summer (or winter), be good and be safe!

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