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A Sunset Drive in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island

Sometimes when I’m wrong, I’m very, very wrong. Case in point: I was so sure we didn’t stay in Cavendish the last time we were in Prince Edward Island (PEI) 10 years ago, but one look into my blog archive and I found out that yes, we sure did stay in Cavendish! And yet, we didn’t visit the Prince Edward Island National Park. How did that happen (or rather, not happen)? How could we possibly miss it? Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter now because when we were in Cavendish in May this year, we made it to the PEI National Park (at least the Cavendish part of it) and have pictures to prove it!

Another thing I was wrong about was that you can’t see a good sunset in Cavendish because it’s located in the northern shore of the island. One look into the Cavendish coast at sunset and I knew I was wrong again. I usually hate it when I’m wrong, but this time I was happy about it, because the sunset we saw was pretty spectacular! The wildlife at sunset wasn’t too bad either. I think we saw about half a dozen red foxes. And a bunny. Never forget the bunny!

The foxes, which were supposedly wild, just came out of their hiding as soon as they heard our car approaching. Obviously some park visitors have been feeding them, which they’re not supposed to do. That’s why the foxes aren’t afraid of humans anymore. They really should be, though. I saw many boutiques in Quebec City selling stuff made out of fox furs. Not all humans are your friends, little foxes! Fear us!

Anyway, of all the foxes we saw in the park, this handsome fella is my favourite because it reminds me of a corgi. I love corgis! It had a dead animal in its mouth when we first saw it, but it kindly dropped it to the ground to strike some poses for me. What a thoughtful fox!

A Sunset Drive in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island
Fantastic Mr. Fox #1.

And this handsome fella, which could’ve been the other one’s cousin (the resemblance is striking, don’t you think?) is my second favourite. I really wished I could’ve taken them home. They’re so adorable!

A Sunset Drive in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island
Fantastic Mr. Fox #2.

We stopped at some lookouts with great views of the sunset to take some pictures along the way.

A Sunset Drive in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island
Husband makes a great prop.
Pretty sunset.
Pretty sunset.


A Sunset Drive in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island
Lovely pink sky.

We also went for a walk along some lovely beaches, though I was freaking out a bit because the tide was obviously coming in. I’ve always been fascinated by the ocean and I find the ocean waves so mesmerizing so I thought I’d take some long-ish exposure shots of the waves to try to capture the essence. I took these handheld so they might look a little blurry, but I kind of like the results.

A Sunset Drive in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island
A little dark but it was getting dark.


A Sunset Drive in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island
A little brighter because longer exposure.


My favourite!
My favourite! Doesn’t it look like a painting?

I really want to have that last wave picture hanging on a wall in our house because I love it so much! I love the colour gradient. But of course, knowing me, it probably wouldn’t get printed until another year or two, if ever. Such is life.

I’m so glad that in the short time we got to spend in Prince Edward Island National Park, we managed to see so much beauty, and in a relatively short drive to boot. The moral of the story is, if you have a short time to spend by a body of water, go out and explore at sunset! Always works for us! :-)

2 thoughts on “A Sunset Drive in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island

  1. Hi Firda.
    I wanted to say I really like your story about the sunset, especially about the foxes. The photos look amazing. If you are ever in Vancouver British Columbia, you should take the Sea To Sky highway to Squamish. You will love it.


    1. Thanks, Sia! As for the Sea to Sky Highway, been there, done that, loved it! :-D Would love to do it again with my husband someday. Beautiful drive.

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