Sure Sign of Twitter Overdose

Foggy Day II

The thing about online presence and social networking is this: sometimes you get to read too much about someone. Their whereabouts, the music they’re listening, the food they are eating, are posted there on Twitter, and we really couldn’t care less about it. Yet when they’re absent and we haven’t seen any status updates for awhile, we sort of, kind of, miss them. Does it mean that you’ve been conditioned to care after undergoing the torture of reading TMI updates for so long or is it just in us to care? Or should I search and replace the “we” and “us” in this paragraph to “I” and “me”? Because that’s how it gets with me.

I really don’t care about the minor details, but I do need to know that the people I know — even if I only know them virtually — are fine. Sure you might think I don’t care about you because you probably don’t care about me or my well-being, but somehow, in a way I can’t quite explain, I do care about you. I just don’t need to know where you are or what you’re doing every frickin’ minute! I’m sure your stalkers would appreciate such updates but please, just think about the common, non-stalkerly population, mmmkay?

One thought on “Sure Sign of Twitter Overdose

  1. stalkers do seem to care when you go to the bathroom and such nonsense. i get really tired of reading inspirational quotes on twitter or whether or not someone is breastfeeding.

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