The Bloggies™

The Fifth Annual Weblog Awards, also known as The Bloggies™, is here again. Go nominate your favourite weblogs in as many categories as you see fit! I don’t know if I’m still eligible for a nomination in the Best Asian Weblog category (which I’ve won three times already) but you can always nominate me in the Best-Designed Weblog category. Or Lifetime Achievement. Or Weblog of the Year. I know, I’m dreaming. Stop giving me that look.
While you’re at it, take my stupid Bloggies™ quiz that I created last year to find out your chance of winning, just for the hell of it. I got 55% this year, but I know that my chance is much lower than that, if any.

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  1. Who knows. I spent half of 2004 in Indonesia and another half in Canada. I might be eligible for both Asian and Canadian. Not sure what the rule is like now. *shrugs*

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