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The Cowl That Turns Into A Hat


I’ve been feeling meh all day. PMS. TMI, I know. But I’m irritable, depressed, and sore because of it so it needs to be said.

I made something today. Other than dinner, which sucked. It needed vermicelli but I didn’t realize we had no vermicelli until everything else was ready. So we used pho/pad thai noodles but it just wasn’t the same. Don’t you hate it when it happened?

Anyway, I made something today. It was going to be a cowl but then I thought it would look good as a hat, so a hat it is. It looks weird on Troy’s head but on my weirdly shaped head, it actually looks nice. I’m still working on it, though. I want to see if I can turn the hat into some kind of a removable hoodie a la Little Red Riding Hood, which would be useful since most of my winter coats have no hoodie. Troy offered to take a picture of me wearing the hat but I want to wait until it’s completely ready first. Maybe tomorrow.

Oh, about the cowl that wasn’t meant to be, according to the pattern, the foundation circle is supposed to be comprised of 56 chain stitches but for some reasons, the resulting circumference is barely wide enough to get through my head, and I don’t even have a big head. Maybe I need some bulkier yarn than this bulky kind I’m using. I don’t know. I’m thinking of giving another cowl pattern a chance. This zigzag one actually looks really fun.

Well, I’m already half asleep now so I’d better publish this post and go to bed. Three days down, 27 more days to go! I forgot how tough NaBloPoMo can be.

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