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The Essential Skin

I woke up with a craving for songs by Skin, the ex-Skunk Anansie lead singer. I don’t know where Troy keeps the CD but a search on YouTube brought out some results so I’ve been happily listening to Skin all morning. Not that I’m feeling particularly angsty or anything. It’s just that it’s Saturday and yet Troy has to go to work. And it’s my mum’s birthday. She’d be 64 were she alive.

If you’re not familiar with Skin or just feel like listening to the essential Skin (according to me), I’ve posted the videos in the extended entry.

Skin – Nothing But

The nurse in the video looks like a cross between Julianne Moore and Cynthia Nixon, don’t you think? This is probably my most favourite Skin song.

Skin – Purple

I would’ve loved this song so much had I known it exist during my angsty period.

She won’t go where I
I would go for you
I’d curse my heart
For you

Skin – Faithfulness

Another song that I would’ve enjoyed during my angsty period. Would’ve loved to scream along to this song. Instead, I screamed along to angsty songs by Alanis. I know. So typical.

Skin – Lost

This song could easily be my anthem.

I won’t be lost without you
I’ve found a way to get through
Now I’m up and running
Strong enough to walk away
And leave you all alone
I won’t be lost

Skin – Trashed

I think Troy likes this song more than I do. I know it’s angsty and all, but I just don’t feel the connection. I mean I like it, just not as much as I like the other songs.

Oh Skin, where were you on my angsty days? ;)

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